Aya’s Kitchen: Rosemary turkey patty with poached egg, shiitake & fava, herb salad with yogurt dressing and cold corn soup

For dinner tonight I made a cold corn soup, rosemary turkey patty (with baby swiss cheese inside) with shiitake and favas, and poached egg, and a herb salad with yogurt dressing.  I typically make corn soup with just corn and water but I had leftover chicken stock that I made earlier so I used chicken stock and corn (and salt).  All I did was cook the corn kernels in just about enough chicken stock to cover them and once they were cooked through I used a hand mixer to puree them.  I then strained it and cooled it down in the fridge.

I decided to buy mixed ground turkey (breast and thigh) because my friend has been obsessed with turkey burgers recently and I wanted to see what the fuss was about.  I added minced rosemary, chives and garlic in the ground turkey and seasoned it with salt, black pepper and white pepper.  I usually do a little tester to see if I’ve seasoned it enough.  I used my hands to knead the mixture very well (no bread crumbs, eggs or anything else- just turkey meat!) I cut a few slices of baby swiss cheese and wrapped the mixture around it.

For the yogurt dressing, I small diced cucumber and red onion, seasoned it with salt and black pepper, then added some lemon juice and greek yogurt, and whisked in some olive oil until I got the right consistency.  I ate a herb salad with buttermilk dressing at M Wells and loved it, so this was my version of a herb salad.  Probably one of the best salads I’ve ever made! Very creamy but refreshing.

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