Aya’s Kitchen: Ramps & Shiitake Spaghetti

When I saw these ramps at Whole Foods I just had to buy them.  Didn’t know what I was going to cook with them but they looked fresh and surprisingly it seemed like they were unwanted! I love pasta (I can eat some type of noodles every single day and never get sick of them).  I definitely prefer these kinds of pasta (just olive oil, chili and fresh ingredients) to saucy ones.

1 serving
80g spaghetti (or pasta of choice)
Extra virgin olive oil
A few Shiitake, sliced
Handful of ramps, cleaned well and cut in half or thirds
Chili flakes
Salt & black pepper to taste
1. Boil the pasta in adequately salted water.
2. Meanwhile, heat some extra virgin olive oil in a saute pan and sear the shiitake.
3. Add the ramps and cook until wilted.  Season to taste.
4.  Just before the pasta is al dente add some of the boiling water to the shiitake and ramps. Drain the pasta and toss in the pan with some chili flakes.
5. Garnish with panko.

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