trattoria fossetta

Japan Restaurant Review: Trattoria Fossetta

Trattoria Fossetta
Kanagawa, Kamakura, Nishi Kamakura 1-2-1, JAPAN
Closed on Thursdays and every 3rd Wednesday of each month

I worked here for 6 months before going to the CIA because it’s one of my family’s favorite restaurants in Kamakura.  Even though the food is not totally authentic Italian, the chef uses fresh local vegetables from Kamakura and fish from the local area (the chef goes to both these markets every morning six times a week!) and I think Italian cuisine and Japanese cuisine are similar in the sense that they place an importance on fresh and local.  Fossetta only seats up to 20 people but you will be surprised to see the extensive menu.  In addition to the regular seasonal menu is a black board menu with at least 20 dishes of the day (which depends on what ingredients he is able to get on that day).  The majority of guests are regulars and they absolutely love this affordable neighborhood gem where they know that the chef and everyone else (one cook and one to three servers, including the chef’s wife for lunch service) who works there deeply cares about serving the best food.  As cheesy as this may sound, this is truly a restaurant that will feed your soul.  Family style is the way to go.

Assortment of antipasti: Caprese, Marinated Mackeral…

Fritatta (with local vegetables), Italian salami (don’t remember what kind…) with pickles…

Parma Ham Mousse, and Sardine Scapece (Venetian style)
Oyster Gratin with Iwa nori (“Rock seaweed”)
Deep fried Shiba ebi (Grey prawn)
Kamakura vegetables (including Italian vegetables that are locally grown) with Meto ika (Squid)
Anchovy & Garlic Pizza (we order this every time)
Porcini Cream Handmade Pasta
Clam & Prawn Arrabbiata
Mikan (Seedless Mandarin Orange) Sorbet and Almond Pannacotta
Apple & Cinammon Tart
Ricotta Cheese (from Inoguchi’s farm in Hokkaido) with Chestnut and Acacia Honey


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