Markets Series: Shanghai, China

Ever since I was young, I have almost always gone to a food market at my holiday destinations. To be honest I hated going to them during my earlier years (eight to thirteen years old) but my parents would drag me along with them. I hated the smell of the unrefrigerated meat and seafood and all the flies around my feet. I remember going to a food market in Pagan, Myanmar, and I held my breath as not to inhale the almost rotten aromas. I didn’t even like following my mum to the Tekka market in Little India when I was living in Singapore, but now I would make sure that I go there when I go back for a visit. As cliche as it may sound, the food market is really where you can see the food culture of a country. Places like Shanghai, Singapore and Cuba may have supermarkets, but outdoor markets are always more fascinating. I feel like an idiot for taking photos of foods that are every day ingredients for the locals, but I guess tourists do it all the time. It would be so fun to actually go grocery shopping and cook with local ingredients but I’ve never really had the opportunity to do that. Surprisingly I didn’t see anything too bizarre at this market in Shanghai.

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