frutas en bogota

Market Series: Las Frutas en Bogota, Colombia

My Colombian friend Sandra gets grumpy when she doesn’t get enough fruit, and after visiting Colombia with her, I finally understood why.  There were a lot of fruit that you can find in parts of Southeast Asia but I also tried many fruit that I had never seen or heard of before.

 Cute little pigs outside the produce supermarket
 Lulo: like a cross between a kiwi and pineapple.  Anyone who loves tangy fruit will like this fruit.  I personally prefer it in the form of a juice (mashed in some water).  Lulo pulp can be found frozen at Latin American stores in the US.
 Related to the tomato I guess?
 Maracuya or passionfruit: one of my favorite!
 Looks like a cucumber- didn’t particularly like because of the weird texture.  Very green tasting.
 Mamey I think? Tastes like a cross between a persimmon and pumpkin.
 Feijoa: the texture is similar to a guava.  Quite tart.
 Guanabana: also known as soursop in other parts of the world.  A pain to eat but pretty tasty.  I like guanabana juice with milk.
 It took a while for me to get used to the indigenous corn in Colombia but I liked it the second time I went.  It’s not sweet at all and has a very chewy texture.
 Thought it was pretty interesting that they bother to make Disney packaging for eggs…
One of my favorite fruits in Colombia was granadilla.  It looks like a passionfruit (outside and inside) but it’s sweet and tastes a bit like lychee/longan… I saw it in Mexico, where it is called granada chica. 

Pineapples and papaya are much sweeter and flavorful in Colombia than the ones you can get in the U.S.  I felt like I was back in Southeast Asia eating all these exotic fruit.  Another thing I noticed was that tangerines in Colombia taste exactly like those green tangerines in Bali.

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