borough market

Market Series: Borough Market, London

London is not a city I think of when I want to eat good food but I love Borough Market.  Overall I found the food I ate in London to be bland and undersalted (which I guess is not a bad thing since they have salt and pepper on the table and too much salt is bad for you anyway).  But I was impressed at the number of organic, fair trade and local food stores that I came across.

 Self explanatory…
 Didn’t eat this paella but it looked so good!
 First time I saw brussel sprouts sold like this.
 Raclette with potatoes is no doubt one of my favorite things to eat! I was introduced to it by my parents who ate it at our Swiss neighbor’s party (in Singapore) and my whole family loves raclette cheese.  When I cook raclette and potatoes at home I usually boil the potatoes, saute some sliced onions, sear the potatoes, then add the cheese until it melts (you can put it in the oven too).
 Egg tarts! Introduced by the Portuguese and now a specialty of Macau.

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