Travel Series: San Sebastian, Spain, "Ganbara"

21 Calle de San Jerónimo
San Sebastián
For our second night in San Sebastian, my friend and I went to a pintxos bar (pinxtos is tapas in Basque) called Ganbara because I had read about it on the Food & Wine magazine online.  We had gone to a pinxtos bar the night before and learned how everything works.  You basically pick whatever you want and keep track of what you ate (honor system) and pay at the end.  You can also order the hot dishes because they fry or cook these items to order.
This octopus was marinated with onions, green pepper, olive oil and lemon.  Very tender and very refreshing.  Very much my kind of tapas!
This place had a pile of chantarelles, pedron peppers and other ingredients for customers to choose from.
I had wanted to eat gooseneck barnacles since I heard about them about two years ago.  They look like turtle feet… These were just steamed- the sea water gave enough salt so no seasoning was needed.  I asked the guy working there “como como?” (How do I eat?) and he showed us how it’s done.  You bend it in half until the skin breaks and suck out the inside.  They were good but not amazing… a little bit disappointing but I was happy to eat them nonetheless!
My favorite item at pinxtos bars was definitely the pedron pepper.  I actually got a spicy one in this lot.  They remind me of shishito peppers from Japan- sweet but bitter and very flavorful.
Went to another pinxtos bar after Ganbara before heading to Tas Tas.

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