"Food of the Future"

Found an article about how breadfruit could help alleviate hunger because it grows in abundance and is highly nutritious. They mention how the only problem is that it’s bland and people are usually reluctant to try it. When I went to St. Vincent and the Grenadines two years ago I ate a lot of things that were growing in the garden. Mangoes, limes, sour cherries, and breadfruit was one of them. We roasted it in open fire until the skin was black. The texture reminded me of jackfruit, which I’ve eaten at Thai restaurants (as part of dessert) and also of potatoes. Sure, it’s a little more bland than potatoes but if you eat it with flavorful curries and sauces there’s no need for it to have a distinct taste. I liked it for the texture, and if it is rich in fiber, potassium and other nutrients I don’t see why people have to complain about how bland it is.

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