Travel Series: San Francisco, CA, “Plow”

1299 18th street
San Francisco, CA 94107

The first spot that my friend took me to straight from the San Francisco airport was Plow. It was packed so we went to a coffee shop down the street and got seated after about 15 minutes. Apparently this place is only open for breakfast and lunch. It had a very small but cute space and I loved the open kitchen. I was tempted to order the fried chicken sandwich but went with the fried egg sandwich instead. The fried rice sounded good too but they were out of it. I’ve never really had an egg sandwich before but I was amazed at how good it was. A simple thing as fried eggs (perfectly runny yolks), avocado, bacon and some frisee on a bun… And the potatoes were awesome as well. Home fries are usually disappointing but these were crispy, hot and seasoned well. They list the name of their purveyors at the bottom of their menu and most of their ingredients are local. “Welcome to California” is what I thought in my head… I knew I would have a great culinary experience for the rest of my time in San Francisco.

egg sandwich plow Plow, SF Plow, SF

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