fried chicken skin

Japan Restaurant Review: ひな鶏 小山 (Hinadori Koyama)

ひな鶏 小山 (Hinadori Koyama)
Kanagawa, Kamakura, Oofuna 1-20-5, JAPAN

Closed on Mondays

My father heard about this place from one of his friends and we went there for the first time in February. I’ve already been back there more than five times since! It’s a must for chicken lovers and they do the best deep fried chicken in town! They don’t stick to one brand/type of chicken but choose the best that they can find. There’s no batter on the chicken- just salt. The place is run by a husband and wife pair and they’re very friendly. They have a wide selection of awamori (distilled rice wine from Okinawa) and other alcoholic beverages.

Umi budou (“Sea grape” aka green caviar)- a type of seaweed from Okinawa

Grilled Sora mame (Broad bean)

Deep fried chicken gizzard- goes well with beer! SO good!!!!! Not oily at all

Grilled bamboo shoot- in season at the beginning of spring

Half a chicken- the skin is SO crisp (and not oily AT ALL), and the inside is JUICY! Even the breast meat is tender and juicy…mmmmmm

Chicken wings (with a lot of black pepper)

Broiled vegetables in bonito broth

The BEST deep fried chicken skin I’ve ever had in my life!!!!!

The best way to end your meal is with a bowl of nyuu-men (thin noodles made of wheat flour) in bonito and chicken broth. Simple but absolutely delicious!

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