Travel Series: Getaria, Spain, "Restaurante Talaipe"

Bº Eitzaga, 11  20808
+34 943 14 09 18

This was one of my favorite meals in Spain because it was simple but the ingredients were fresh and delicious! Our lunch was accompanied with a labeless rose (never had a labeless wine before!)

To start: a salad with crab, shrimp and octopus.  It was nice to see the head on the shrimp because in the U.S. I hardly ever see that! The shrimp was small but sweet and flavorful.  The crab was of great quality too and the salad was overall very light and refreshing.
Mushrooms with egg.  May not look appetizing but it was absolutely divine.  Couldn’t stop eating it with the bread (probably the best bread I had in Spain over the three weeks).  Almost tasted like crab roe.
This Hake was cooked whole and then served to us.  Seasoned with salt and drizzled with olive oil.  Simple but DELICIOUS! It was cooked perfectly.
This steak was slightly overcooked but I still enjoyed the beefy taste of it.  Definitely grass fed, definitely a happy cow unlike those in the U.S. feedlots…
An assortment of cakes: all but two were good

One thought on “Travel Series: Getaria, Spain, "Restaurante Talaipe"

  1. All of the food you ate looks amazing. We do need to learn more about grass fed beef. I have recently learned that grass fed beef is higher in omega 3 acids and lower in calories and fat. The flavor is amazing and if cooked right it is so tender. In case your interested yourself, I order my grass fed steak from La Cense Beef which is an approved USDA grass fed program located in Montana. You can order via the internet and have it delivered directly to you.

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