Travel Series: Burgos, Spain, "La Puerta Real"

Plaza Rey San Fernando, 9

09003 Burgos, Spain
+34 947 265 200 
I walked into this restaurant with no expectations because we had just left the beautiful city of San Sebastian and I wasn’t too thrilled about being in Burgos.  The interior of the restaurant was elegant and beautiful.  We were taken upstairs to a private room, where the manager explained what we would be served for lunch.  We were now in Castilla y Leon, not Basque country, so the cuisine was obviously quite different.  Burgos is known for their blood sausages, so that was of course, on the menu. 

To start, we each got this plate of Jamon Iberico! I love cured meats but I have to say I have never had a whole plate of Jamon Iberico to myself.  Some people had different cuts from others and I was happy with mine- it was well marbled and melted in my mouth.  I finished my plate but must admit that it was a little too much, especially since I had been eating a lot of Jamon Iberico in San Sebastian as well.  Now that I am back in New York, I wish I had this plate in front of me.


Berenjena! Eggplant stuffed with shellfish.  The skin was surprisingly not tough and the inside just melted in my mouth.

This dish was a revelation of flavor combinations.  Layers of apple, bacalao, blood sausage and tomato.  Amazing.  Every component balanced each other out and it was one perfectly harmonious dish.

Extremely full by this course but this grass fed beef was quality.  The fried potatoes were soggy but potatoes in Spain are so sweet and delicious!

Delicious cheese ice cream (SO good!) with raspberry sauce and brittle

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