New York City Review: Roberta’s

Roberta’s Pizza
261 Moore St

The last time I went to Roberta’s was two years ago and back then you couldn’t make reservations.  Seems quite a bit has changed at this spot.  I just think Roberta’s is a really Brooklyn and really cute restaurant.  I love the casual yet trendy atmosphere and the food is solid.

The meat with cured meats from within the US- my favorite was the soppresata
Nebraska IPA
The pizzas were the best part of the meal in my opinion.  The crust was just how I like it- thin with a crusty crust but still quite glutinous.  The mortacombat was with mortadella, castel vetrano olives, parsley and mozzarella.  The shangheist was with black olives, guanciale, red onion, parmigiano and mint.  They were both good but I preferred the mortacombat.
Agnolotti with black truffle, taleggio and nasturtium- nothing special
Sweetbreads with lime aioli- loved the sweetbreads but there was not enough acid so we ordered lemon wedges
My friends didn’t like this tripe dish but it was different and I enjoyed the texture (still slightly chewy).  Quite a light dish.
The brought us a carrot salad because the scallops took a long time
Best out of the entrees.  Diver scallops with pickled plum, sea beans and lardo

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