Travel Series: Bangkok, Thailand, Nuttaporn

94 Phraeng Puthon (off Tanao Road)- For some reason Google Maps was not able to lead us to right spot. It’s actually not on the main street of Phraeng Puthon. As you walk on Phraeng Puthon from Tanao, make a left before the little park. Turn right (as the road leads) and you will see this:


I can’t remember where I read about Nuttporn but what I remember reading is that it’s been operating for over 50 years, making coconut ice cream the old school way. Their ice creams are dairy free and they also offer a few other flavors like mango and durian.


I don’t know what exactly I was expecting but it wasn’t quite what I was expecting… I ordered the plain coconut ice cream with some translucent blobs. At first bite I was disappointed because it was quite icy. But once it started to melt a bit in the bowl and in my mouth, it was unbelievably creamy and coated my whole tongue (almost made me think that there was condensed milk in there!). Flavor is very natural and straight up good! It was the perfect thing to eat after a walk around the Grand Palace (walking distance).

The only thing that ruined it for me was a group of young American dudes storming in as we were finishing our bowls :p I thought I had found a bit of a secret gem but I guess it isn’t! But then again I wish them more successful business so they can continue to make this traditional dessert!


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