Travel Series: Tokyo, Japan, Takahashi

東京都中央区築地5-2-1 築地市場 8号館

This place is known for their braised fish (like kinki, anago) but somehow I always end up ordering a sashimi teishoku (the set comes with rice, miso soup and an appetizer… While everyone is waiting in line to eat sushi or kaisen donburi (sashimi over rice), I prefer to go to places like Takahashi or places where they serve Youshoku (Japanese style Western food like breaded and fried oysters!). The braised fish at Takahashi is actually very expensive (at least $50) so I’m always hesitant to order it, but I’m sure it’s very good. They don’t have any menus in English, which shows that they are not interested in attracting tourists. They have plenty of local and repeating customers, especially people who work at Tsukiji Market. There are only about 10 seats, so don’t be too picky about being able to sit next to each other!


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