Travel Series: Kagoshima, Japan, Tetsuka Ryokan

Tetsuka Ryokan
Address: 1482-1 Yuda, Satsuma, Satsuma District, Kagoshima Prefecture 895-1817, Japan
Phone: +81 996-55-9311

We initially planned a trip to Kagoshima so we could visit several different Shochu distilleries, only to realize that not much is going on during down season (and many of the employees actually go off to do sales rather than staying at the distilleries). But by then I had already found and booked Tetsuka Ryokan, a hot spring inn located in Satsuma district of Kagoshima prefecture. I always wanted my boyfriend to experience a Japanese hot spring so instead of making changes to our plan, we went to Kagoshima to visit Jikuya Shuzo and have a relaxing time at a hot spring inn.

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Hot springs are one of my favorite things about Japan. When I go to a Ryokan, I take a bath the moment I arrive, after dinner, early in the morning before breakfast, and after breakfast as well. Most time you dine in the comfort of your own room, and can also get a massage in your room (at which point I fall asleep).

Tetsuka Ryokan is a modern Ryokan, which has very traditional Japanese style rooms but also more modern rooms with beds. We booked a room with a private hot spring and we absolutely loved it! Everything looked very new still and although we did not get to spend any time at the bar area, I loved all the decor and ambiance.

The little downside is that they don’t serve dinner in your room, but you do get a private space within the dining area. The food at Tetsuka Ryokan is a little on the modern side and to be honest it was not as good as the best Ryokan I’ve stayed at (and fell short in comparison to the overall quality of the inn itself) but it was still enjoyable.

My other favorite part of staying at a Ryokan is the breakfast, and Tetsuka Ryokan’s breakfast did not disappoint! I love eating breakfast but never eat a proper meal in the morning before work, so being able to leisurely enjoy a breakfast at a Ryokan is truly a treat.


I would highly recommend Tetsuka Ryokan for anyone looking to have a relaxing time in Kyushu. It’s best to rent a car to get here, but you can also take a bus to a stop close by (from the Kagoshima airport or Shinkansen station) and they will pick you up.

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