antica pesa

New York City Review: Antica Pesa

Antica Pesa
115 Berry St Brooklyn, NY 11211

Antica Pesa was a surprisingly good find. I went there not knowing anything because my boyfriend had picked the spot, so I had no expectations. As soon as we walked in, I didn’t feel like we were in Williamsburg anymore. The space was very sleek, chic and not like the other restaurants in the area. The clientele was also quite different- there was a much older crowd and people were pretty dressed up.

To start our meal, we had the skate confit and prosciutto with filo encrusted mozzarella.

antica pesa

antica pesa

The skate confit was perhaps my least favorite part of my meal but it had good flavors. Both the prosciutto and the mozzarella with filo crust were foodgasmic! The prosciutto looked exceptionally lean but the texture was so smooth and melted in my mouth. The mozzarella brought a big smile on my face. One of the things besides food that I really liked at Antica Pesa was the tableside service. Some people might argue that it’s outdated, but I appreciate it.

We ordered the spaghetti cacio e pepe (pecorino, parmigiano reggiano and black pepper) because I wanted to see how well they could make something simple. We also ordered the schiaffoni all’amatriciana. I absolutely loved them both, especially the cacio e pepe. I haven’t had such good pasta in a while and I can say without hesitation that they serve some of the best pasta in New York City (I have to go back and try other pastas there). They finished the amatriciana with jabaneros and chili oil, which was a nice touch.

antica pesa

We had ordered the beef cheeks but we were too full so we asked them to not fire the order.

For dessert, we had tiramisu and a white chocolate gelato (which my boyfriend LOVED- really brought a huge grin on his face).

antica pesa

Overall, we had a great experience at Antica Pesa. The food was a bit slow coming out towards the end but I think they did a great job considering they only had a few servers (and were doing tableside service for many dishes). I will definitely be going back and I can tell that they already have quite a lot of repeat customers.

antica pesa

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