jose enrique puerto rico

Travel Series: San Juan, Puerto Rico, Jose Enrique

Address: 176 Calle Duffaut, San Juan, 00907, Puerto Rico

Phone:+1 787-725-3518

My friend who lives in Puerto Rico suggested I check out Jose Enrique. He is a fellow CIA graduate and he is leading the culinary scene in Puerto Rico. At Jose Enrique he offers a menu that changes daily and is reflective of the ingredients that are available around the island.

The restaurant is located in a very local neighborhood and it was nice to get away from the touristy areas like Isla Verde and Old San Juan. I went to the restaurant slightly before it opened to talk to the Chef and do a little research for work (I went to Puerto Rico to look into the market for Japanese knives). This place gets packed so you should definitely get there early. I don’t think they can fit more than 40 people. So it’s not the kind of place you should lounge around. People clearly go here for the food and not really anything else (service was really good though), and they are willing to wait a long time to get a table.


The first dish we had was fried plantains stuffed with crab meat. Very simple but amazing flavors and really well cooked.


Watercress salad with citrus and goat cheese


Escabeche (can’t remember what fish)


Dorado with a lemon butter garlic sauce- this was extremely good


Lightly smoked pork with rice and beans and tostones. Wow, this pork was amazing! Porbably brined for at least one night. A subtle smoky flavor and very tender.



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