Travel Series: Kamakura, Japan, Sushi-seki Wasabi

Sushi-seki Wasabi 寿司席 和さび
2-2-1 Jomyoji Kamakura Kanagawa
神奈川県 鎌倉市 浄明寺 2-2-1

This was not my first time at Sushi-seki Wasabi. It’s one of my parents’ go-to spots for sushi, and they like to bring people there. It’s a pretty hidden place, located inside a residential house. The place is run by the owner chef and his wife. It basically feels like you’re having dinner at a friend or relative’s home, and they can seat 8 people at the counter, and up to an additional 10 people at the communal table behind it (I’ve never seen anyone sitting there though).

I’ve been to some great sushi bars in Tokyo and while this place may not be as luxurious or have some of the more extravagant ingredients, you are paying less than half the price and getting a lot more value for your money.

I love the small dishes that he serves before the sushi. This was what we had back in June 2014 (super late entry I know :p)- Hotaru Ika poached in butter (small squid with all the innards in tact), lightly braised Nishin (Herring), assortment of Tsubugai (whelk), Tainoko (Sea Bream roe), Soramame (fava beans), Maguro Shuto (Tuna innards) and some sort of shellfish I can’t remember the name of, and Katsuo (Bonito). The bonito was like butter, and he said it’s best to cut it thick.



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