Travel Series: Bangkok, Thailand, Yee Jay Noodle

Yee Jay Noodle
47/6 Sathorn 8 (on the same street as Unicorn Cafe, and very close to the Chong Nongsi station)

I actually have no idea if Yee Jay is the name of this place but that’s what Google Maps told me! What I do know for sure if that it’s very close to the Chong Nongsi station, on the same street as Unicorn Cafe and the number is 47/6. My friend who lives in Bangkok brought me here but even she doesn’t know the name, and nothing at this restaurant is written in English (and they don’t speak any English either). Her boyfriend actually carries around a copy of their menu pad, on which he has some translations and has marked the items he always likes to have in his bowl of noodles.


I ordered the big noodles (meaning wide rice noodles), with soup and with everything. The soup was slightly too sweet for me but everything else was amazing, especially the noodles. I don’t think I have ever tasted such rice noodles before- the texture was unbelievably smooth, silky and glutinous. The meat toppings were so tender.


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